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Customer and Principle comment

Great company with great service! The staffs take extra mile to provide the best possible assistance to our request.
All the calibrators that we purchased arrived on schedule and within our requirement.
Keep it up!

Hendri Tjhang – PT Certus Metrology Indonesia , Jakarta

Your marketing support is really great! You have all-round advertising campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Company Website and even the exhibition.
You provide the best campaign support among instruments companies in Asia.

Vincent Tsang - Castle Group (UK) Ltd – United Kingdom

It is great to see all of the activity and business you are generating on our behalf – we really appreciate your efforts.

Craig Miller – Mensor Corporation – USA

I fully agree that Jimmy has done great job for 580VHX and DPG10A. And that is greater to see that things are still going ahead.

Fabian Un – DH Desgranges & Huot – France