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The SONUS Pocket Dosemeters are designed to be powerful and easy to use. These dosemeters are small and tough so measurements and data can be collected throughout the working period. Data can be reviewed on screen or downloaded to a PC for further analysis.
There are 2 different SONUS Dosemeter models:
The SONUS GA257B is a dedicated basic dosemeter fully compliant with IEC 61252:1993, giving simultaneous sound exposure (Lep'd) and maximum peak (Zpeak) measurements, an essential feature for Noise at Work Regulations assessments.
The SONUS GA257L adds logging capabilities, allowing data to be downloaded to a PC using the Castle dBdataPro noise analysis software, and measures sound pressure levels and Leq.
The GA257 noise dosemeters are easy to use and have a clear display allowing data to be read on screen. The keypad can be locked to prevent any measurements being accidentally stopped or altered. The data is stored on flash memory at user selected intervals. The built in software for this meter is designed to suit future upgrading for feature enhancements, legislative changes or instrument upgrades. With the Castle SONUS Dosemeters you will always be in step with the law.


Standards: IEC61672-1-2002 (Sound Level Meters), IEC61252-1993 (Personal Sound Exposure Meters)
Linear Operating range: 70dB
Detector Characteristics: RMS and Peak
Exchange rate: 3dB, 4dB or 5dB
Criterion Level: 75dB, 80dB, 85dB or 90dB
Threshold Level: -5dB, -10dB or OFF
Peak: 3dB above top of selected range
Display: Custom alphanumeric LCD, digit size 7mm x 5mm
Memory: 4800 Data Intervals Maximum
Calibration: 91.0 to 120.0dB @ 1KHz
Batteries: 1 x PP3 (9V) Approximately 12 hours continuous use
Operating Temperature: Operating Range: -10 to + 50ºC
Humidity: Effect: < 0.5dB from 25% to 90% RH
Vibration: No effect on instrument
Processing: A to D Converter: 12-bit, 325kHz sampling. 8MHz, micro-controller
Emissions: EC 61000-6-3, EN61326-1:2006, CISPR 22:1997 EN55022:1998, FCC Rules, Part 15 2003 Class B
Immunity: IEC 61000-6-2:2005, EN61326-1:2005 Levels ±4kV (Contact), ±8kV (Air)
Amp Mod: IEC 61000-6-2:2005, Level 10V/m
Dimensions: 60mm (width) x 35mm (depth excluding pocket clip) x 135mm (height)
Microphone cable length: 800mm (including rubber sleeve and microphone)
Weight: 220g (including battery)
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