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CPP1000M -- Hydraulic Test Pumps


Model: Comparison Pump, Hand Pump, Hand Pumps, Comparison Pumps

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Application areas

Test pumps serve as pressure generators for the testing, adjustment and calibration of mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments through comparative measurements. These pressure tests can take place in the laboratory or workshop, or on site at the measuring point.

Easy operation

If one connects the test item and a sufficiently accurate reference measuring instrument to the test pump, on actuating the pump, the same pressure will act on both instruments. By comparison of the two measured values at any given pressure value, a check of the accuracy and/or adjustment of the pressure measuring instrument under test can be carried out.

CPP-X series offers exceptional ease-of-use

For a precise approach to the measuring points, the test pumps are fitted with a spindle for fine control. In particular, the smooth running of the hand spindle enables this, even at very high pressures. Furthermore, the spindles for this model range only run within the pump body.

This eliminates any harmful bending moment from an externally running spindle and, especially for field operation, there is the advantage that dimensions of these pumps do not alter during operation through the rotation of the spindle.

With the integrated priming pump, large test volumes can be easily filled and primed for the models CPP-X.

Due to the design of the base, the CPP-X models have a high durability and offer the highest ease-of-use with the proven technology of the model CPB5800 pressure balance.



Pressure range

0 ... 1,000 bar

(0 ... 14,500 psi)

Pressure transmission medium

Hydraulic fluid based on mineral oil or single distilled water 1)

(water-based hydraulic fluids are not suitable)


110 cm?3;

Pressure connections

Test connection

2 x G ½ female thread, freely rotating, with O-ring

Distance between test connections

200 mm (7.9 in)

Piston of spindle pump

Piston diameter

8 mm (0.3 in)

Swept volume per revolution

approx. 0.1 cm?3;

Overall swept volume

approx. 3.9 cm?3;

Fine pressure adjustment

optional, see accessories

Required force at

250 bar (3,600 psi)

2.0 Nm

500 bar (7,200 psi)

4.0 Nm

1,000 bar (14,500 psi)

8.0 Nm





Stainless steel

Rear flange



FKM, NBR (standard), optional EPDM 2)

Stationary mounting

2 x Ø 6.4 mm (0.25 in) through-bores in the front flange

Instrument base

Dimensions (L x W x H)

420 x 280 x 103 mm

(16.5 x 11.0 x 4.1 in)


6.3 kg (13.89 lbs.)


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