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CPP1200X -- Hydraulic Comparison Test Pump


Model: Comparison Pump, Comparison Pumps

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Application areas

Test pumps serve as pressure generators for the testing, adjustment and calibration of mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments through comparative measurements. These units can be used in the laboratory or workshop, or on site at the measuring point.

Easy operation

By connecting the test item and a sufficiently accurate reference pressure measuring instrument to the test pump, the same pressure will act on both measuring instruments. By comparison of the two measured values at any given pressure value, a check of the accuracy and/or adjustment of the pressure measuring instrument under test can be carried out.

Easy handling

The model CPP1200-X comparison test pump is a hydraulic comparison test pump for generating pressure up to 1,200 bar. It is technically identical to the instrument base of the model CPB3800 pressure balance. The integrated dual-area spindle pump with switching valves enables rapid filling of the test system and smooth pressure generation. At the same time, the precisely adjustable spindle pump also serves for pressure fine adjustment. A control schematic for pressure generation on the instrument base facilitates quick and easy operation. The two test connections are equipped with G ½ female loose union connections. Corresponding thread adapters are available for the calibration of instruments with different connection threads.

Compact instrument design

The CPP1200-X is also particularly notable for its compact dimensions, which are not altered during operation, since the spindle runs within the pump body. With those dimensions, the exceptionally robust ABS plastic housing and the low weight associated with these, the CPP1200-X is also particularly suited for on-site applications.


Model CPP1200X

Pressure range

0 ... 1,200 bar

Pressure transmission medium

Hydraulic fluid from mineral oil/clean water, free of calcium-carbonate 1)


170 cm?3;

Pressure connections

Test item connection

2 x G ½ female thread, loose union connection

Distance between test item connections

290 mm

Piston of spindle pump

Piston diameter, low-pressure piston

31.2 mm

Piston diameter, low-pressure piston

31.2 mm


approx. 10 cm?3;


Wetted parts

Austenitic stainless steel, high tensile brass, nitrile rubber

Permissible ambient conditions

Operating temperature

0 ... 40 °C

Instrument base


401 x 397 x 155 mm (W x D x H), for details, see technical drawings


13.5 kg


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