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CPB 3800 -- Dead-Weight Tester In Compact Design


Model: Dead Weight Tester, Dead Weight Tester

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Proven primary standard

Pressure balances (dead-weight testers) are the most accurate instruments available on the market for the calibration of electronic or mechanical pressure measuring instruments. The direct measurement of the pressure (p = F/A), as well as the use of high-quality materials enable a very small measurement uncertainty, in conjunction with an excellent long-term stability. The pressure balance (dead-weight tester) has therefore been used for years in factory and calibration laboratories in industry, national institutes and research laboratories.

Stand-alone operation

Due to its integrated pressure generation and the purely mechanical measuring principle, the model CPB3800 is ideal for on-site use for maintenance and service.

Basic principle

Pressure is defined as the quotient of force and area. The core component of the CPB3800 is therefore a very precisely manufactured piston-cylinder system, onto which a mass load is applied in order to generate the individual test points. The mass load is proportional to the target pressure and this is achieved through optimally graduated masses. As standard, these masses are manufactured to the standard gravity (9.80665 m/s?2;), though they can be adjusted to a specific location and also UKAS calibrated.






Model CPB3800






Measuring range 1)

1 … 120 bar

2.5 ... 300 bar

5 ... 700 bar

10 ... 1,200 bar

Required masses

41 kg

50 kg

58 kg

50 kg

Smallest step 2)

(Standard mass set)

1 bar

2.5 bar

5 bar

10 bar

Nominal effective area of the piston

1/16 in?2;

1/40 in?2;

1/80 in?2;

1/160 in?2;

Measuring range 1)

10 … 1,600 lb/in?2;

25 ... 4,000 lb/in?2;

50 ... 10,000 lb/in?2;

100 ... 16,000 lb/in?2;

Required masses

37 kg

46 kg

58 kg

46 kg

Smallest step 2)

(Standard mass set)

10 lb/in?2;

25 lb/in?2;

50 lb/in?2;

100 lb/in?2;

Nominal effective area of the piston

1/16 in?2;

1/40 in?2;

1/80 in?2;

1/160 in?2;


Standard 3) 4)

0.05 % of reading

Option 3) 4)

0.025 % of reading

Pressure transmission medium

Hydraulic fluid based on VG22 mineral oil (0.5 l included in scope of delivery)



Tungsten carbide


Tungsten carbide

Mass set

Stainless steel, non-magnetic


Piston-cylinder system

2.4 kg [5.3 lbs]

bar mass set incl. mass carrier

41.5 kg [91.5 lbs]

50.5 kg [111.4 lbs]

58.5 kg [129.0 lbs]

50.5 kg [111.4 lbs]

lb/in?2; mass set incl. mass carrier

37 kg [81.4 lbs]

45.6 kg [100.5 lbs]

57 kg [125.5 lbs]

45.5 kg [100.5 lbs]

Storage case for mass set

(optional, 2 pieces required)

11 kg [24.2 lbs]

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Storage case for mass set (optional)

400 x 320 x 320 mm and 320 x 220 x 320 mm

[15.7 x 12.6 x 12.6 in] and [12.6 x 8.7 x 12.5 in]


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