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10 Series Function -- Multifunction Calibrators



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Work better and get better work with Martel TEN series multifunction calibrators. This family of 5 models scale up to do any size job you need when calibrating process instrumentation. Start at the top with the DMC-1410 documenting multifunction calibrator. It’s versatile, providing access to a complete range of calibration functions while performing automated on the fly calibration data collection and storage. A simple easy-to-use software package is included that allows the user to build a database of all assets that need calibration and download work orders to the calibrator. Next in line is the MC-1210 multifunction calibrator. It’s a rugged and reliable universal calibrator. Like all the others in this series, the MC-1210 is based on the proven reliable, accurate and stable MC-1200. It’s dual display and isolated readback allows it to power a transmitter under test while reading its milliamp output. Truly an all-in-one calibrator. The MC-1210 also has a wide range of switch test features for both pressure and temperature switches.

The MC-1010 provides a high level of functions and features at an easy to swallow price for the less demanding user who does not require the isolated read-back feature found on the DMC-1410 or MC-1210. For those who need specialty temperature calibration with high accuracy, the PTC-8010 is the choice. Special display features show the cold junction temperature and milliVolt equivalents at a glance for thermocouples. Ohms equivalents are shown when using the RTD functions.

The PSC-4010 is a superior loop calibrator with voltage, current and frequency functions. With the best display in the business it makes the essentials of instrument calibration easier than ever. And, a bonus feature not found in other loop calibrators is frequency in and out. This innovative series features the introduction of a new, high contrast

ClearBrite™ graphic display. The display features a vivid white backlight that makes the display easy to read in all light conditions. All of these models have Martel’s easy to learn yet powerful 3 key menu structure. It’s the same menu used in all of the company’s BetaGauge pressure calibrators, too. Learn it once and you’ll know how to use every significant calibrator Martel makes.

10 Series Function Table



Dual Display

Is Dated Read Back

Current In/Out

Loop Power

Thermocouple In/Out

RTD in/out









10 Series Feature Table


Clear Brite Graphic Design

Auto Stepping

Auto Ramping

RS-23 Serian Interface

NIST Calibration

Rubber Boot

Martel 3-Key User Interface

Scrool Step/outpu

Numberic Input

AC Charger Adaptor Option







General Specifications (applies to all models)

Operating Temperature : -10 to 50°C

Storage Temperature : -20 to 70°C

Power : (4) AA Alkaline or optional rechargeable batteries

Low Battery Warning : Yes, on display

ClearBrite™ Display : High contrast 128 x 64 pixel addressable graphic LCD w/daylight

backlight 2.4 x 1.8 in. • 63 x 44 mm

Serial Communications : Yes, ASCII, RS-232, requires optional Martel 1919069 serial cable or

1919896 USB cable

CE – EMC : EN50082-1 and EN55022: 1994 Class B

Safety : CSA C22.2 No. 1010-1: 1992 Weight (with batteries) 1.8 lb (0.82 kg) Size 8.5 x 4.8 x 2.1 in. (22 x 12 x 5.3 cm)

Other : IP54 Protected against misconnection to 250 VAC/VDC


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