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Troemner custom weight carts are made of stainless steel with all stainless steel hardware as well. the carts can be calibrated to a specific weight if required. troemner custom weight carts are ideal for clean room use and create a means to easily transport large weights from one balance to another, one room to another, or simply for storage of weights in a set.

Meeting your special weight needs is control a Troemner specialty. We can custom make precisely the weight you need for your unique applications.

Any Size – from 50 micrograms to 2,000 kilograms (.00001 oz to5000 pounds)

Any Denomination – metric, avoirdupois, troy ounce, grain, pennyweight, carat, other standards or even custom units

Any Tolerance – including all ANSI/ASTM, NIST, OIML classes or special tolerances such as Troemner UltraClass or a customerdesignated tolerance

Any Material – including stainless steel, brass, aluminum, cast iron, nichrome, steel, gold, silver, titanium, and more

Any Shape – slotted, hook, bar, cylindrical, flat, dish, cube, etc. We can create drawings and prints based on customer input or can work from customer supplied prints

Engineering Services – Troemner can provide assistance and guidance in helping you design a weight for your specific application or we can design a weight and provide drawings from scratch based on your design inputs


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