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7660 -- Yagi Antenna

Category: WEATHER

Model: Installation Accessories

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The Long-Range Yagi Antenna is installed in conjunction with the Long-Range Wireless Repeater to retransmit data over greater distances than a wireless repeater with a dipole antenna. The Long-Range Wireless Repeater requires two antennas, one for acquiring weather station data and the other for re-transmitting the data. The Yagi Antenna can be paired with another Yagi Antenna or an Omni Antenna (#7656) depending on your installation needs. The Yagi Antenna is a standard 11 dBi directional antenna that comes equipped with an integrated Reverse Polarity TNC Male Connector which connects to the Long-Range Wireless Repeater connector.

Operating Temperature -40° to +150°F (-45° to +70°C)
Storage Temperature -40° to +150°F (-45° to +70°C)
Dimensions (Listed by length: Diameter = 6.0'' (152 mm) 19.70'' (500 mm)
Weight 1.9 lbs. (.70 kg)
Transmit/Receive Frequency 902-928 MHz
Gain 11 dBi
Input Return Loss -14 dB
Beam width ±25 degrees
Connector Cable Length 48''


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