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CTR1000 -- Infrared Hand-Held Thermometer


Model: Handheld Temperature Calibrator and Indicator

Avaibility: AVAILABLE

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Infrared hand-held thermometers allow a temperature measurement from a distance, without contact with the object being measured. They can therefore be used where thermocouples and resistance thermometers cannot be used. In particular due to their simplicity and ease of operation, infrared hand-held thermometers are the safest devices for measuring hot, difficult-to-reach or mobile objects, while avoiding damage or contamination. Infrared hand-held thermometers are valued by experienced users in a wide range of industries, from the maintenance of machinery and equipment to food monitoring - since they measure surface temperatures quickly, reliably and accurately.

Over the past years, hand-held infrared thermometers have become an essential measuring and testing device in processes where temperature is important.

Wherever the temperature significantly affects process safety and product quality, an infrared hand-held thermometer should be at hand.

Typical application examples for the quick, non-contact measurement of surface temperatures with infrared hand-held thermometers are measurements on:

  • Difficult-to-access parts
  • Rotating parts
  • Live electrical conductors
  • Dangerously hot objects
  • Components with a low mass
  • Aggressive materials


Model CTR1000

Temperature measuring range

-60 ... +1,000 °C (-76 ... 1,832 °F)

Accuracy 1)

2 K or 2 %

Display resolution

0.1 °C, from 200 °C 1 °C

0.1 °F, from 200 °F 1 °F

Spectral sensitivity

6 … 14 µm

Measuring distance

up to 8 m (26.25 ft)


0.01 … 1.00

Optical resolution

50 : 1

Response time

< 1>

Temperature units

°C and °F

Power supply

2 x 1.5 Volt AAA size

Ambient temperature

0 … 50 °C (32 ... 122 °F)

Dimensions, H x D x W

203 x 197 x 47 mm (7.99 x 7.76 x 1.85 in)


386 g (0.851 lbs)


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